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Invisalign orthodontics

Invisalign® Clear Dental Aligners is the new way to straighten teeth without traditional wire braces. The transformation process is typically accomplished in 10 -12 months rather than the conventional 2-year time needed for braces.

A series of clear aligners are used to transform the position of teeth slowly.  Every few weeks, a new dental aligner is provided for the patient to wear.   The mouthpiece (s) feels snug at first, and then as the teeth move into their new position, the clear mold and the teeth match.  The process is repeated based on the movement required to move the teeth to their new positions. Each patient is different, and the process will vary.

For adults, Invisalign may be the best solution, and there are several reasons for this.Invisalign retainer
First: Most Invisalign cases are done on fully grown adults, not children whose teeth may not completely erupt. Maybe during growth and development when guiding proper jaw growth is an integral part of the orthodontic treatment.

Second: Most adult concerns focus on the smile zone, typically the most forward 8-10 teeth in the upper and lower jaws. Their back molars are more likely to be in a stable bite that may not require much if any, alteration in position.

Third: Invisalign aligner treatment lends itself more to creating tooth movement on multiple teeth simultaneously, more so than traditional braces.

Lastly, proper case selection by the treating doctor is key. Invisalign excels at widening dental arches to create room for crowded teeth, and it also excels at moving teeth in the jaw’s curve to create a straight appearance. There are some cases, especially those that are the fault of jaw growth, that may be more challenging to do with Invisalign aligners. Sometimes proper treatment may require surgical intervention to treat these individuals.

Your Invisalign doctor must have the experience to know that your case fits the profile of an orthodontic case that Invisalign aligners can treat efficiently.

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